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Bachelors in Worship and Music

Degree Goal:

The Bachelor of Arts in Worship and Music (BAWM) prepares future ministry leaders in musical proficiency through skill and disciplinary development in the tradition of musical conservatories and a biblical-theological education. This degree cultivates servant leaders with practical ministry experience in a setting that provides for personal mentorship. Graduates will be prepared for musical performance and church leadership roles as well as graduate education in musical schools or in seminaries.

Program Curriculum

General Education: 36 units

Music Education Core: 18 units

Biblical-Theological Studies Core: 25 units

Worship Studies Major Area: 21 units

Applied Music Area: 9 units

Practical Worship Studies (Practicum): 10 units

Practical Ministry (Practicum): 5 units

Completion Time: 3 Years

Credits: 124 credits

Academic Requirements:

High School Diploma or GED

2.5 GPA minimum (2.0 GPA Provisional Acceptance)

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