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How to apply

IFCA Bible College and Theological Seminary has always been committed to providing a powerful, Spirit-filled undergraduate experience.  Our primary aim is to assist students in responding to and being equipped for Jesus' commission.

IFCA Bible College and Theological Seminary admits students in the Fall, Winter and Spring trimesters. In order to be officially admitted, each applicant must complete an application packet and receive a letter of admission. Applicants meeting admission requirements are considered without regard to race, color, creed, sex, or physical limitations. A high value is placed upon applicants who express a call to ministry.

Admissions Decision

Upon being admitted to attend, an admissions letter sent via e-mail will include list of additional steps to take. The admitted applicant will also be required to sign their Enrollment Agreement.

If we are not able to accept an applicant’s request for admission, the College will advise the applicant of the steps recommended to be taken in order to be considered for a future semester.  

Our goal is to send written notification of our admission decision within two weeks of the file being completed. Applicants are welcome to contact the Admissions Office to inquire about the status of their application.

GPA requirements

Estimated chance of acceptance based on GPA

 Estimated chance of acceptance
3.76 to 4.0
 3.26 to 3.75
 3.0 to 3.25
 2.5 to 2.99
 Below 2.5
 Poor/Provisional Acceptance

GRE Requirements (Graduate program only)

Applicants to Graduate Programs whose GPA is below 2.5 can take the GRE for admissions consideration. The applicant's GRE score will be reviewed and taken into consideration for admissions. Our institutional code number is: 4142
GRE Segment
 Minimum Score

Online application

The online applications for the undergraduate and graduate programs are on our accrediting partner's website. Use the links below to access the online forms. 

When filling out the form, ensure that you select OH-IFCA Bible College under the Desired Location option.

For undergraduates, you will need to obtain the Pastor and General Reference forms and have them filled out as part of the application process. You transcripts and an essay must also be submitted. Links to these forms and additional instructions are at the bottom of the online application page.

Undergraduate Online Application

Graduate Online Application

Financial Aid

Have you completed Financial Aid application? If not, be sure to immediately start the Financial Aid Process (our Official Federal School Code is 037524)